Femme Fatale 1: Page 15

Ohhhh my god! I hate drawing fight scenes. I need to stop writing about badasses. Okay, guys, Femme Fatale is canceled. Next comic is entitled: Boring Girl! She’ll do homework, read books, avoid her own issues! Expect a lot of staring off into space and typing on computer pictures.

So it’s a journal comic now?

Anyway, y’all haven’t seen me for about a month right? Jeez. And after all my talk of regular updates. As per usual, life happened. Finals, then going back to Colorado for the summer, trying to get a “real” job and my inability to draw a woman kicking a man in the face (seriously, why did that take me sooo long? ) It was worth it (ish) because I did end up getting decent grades this semester. YAY! Boring Academic Achievement!

I’ll try to get another page up by this time next week. In the meantime, if you’re still desperate for super hero comics, might I recommend PS238 by Aaron Williams? It’s really good, including homages to all of your favorite heroes and villains, most  of them as elementary school students. Quite frankly, it’s adorable and definitely worth staying up late to finish the archives in one night!

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One thought on “Femme Fatale 1: Page 15

  1. Life. It has a way of happening. That’s why I’m finally catching up on your fab posts.

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