Word Count for October 2020

I wrote a total of 9,908 words in October 2020, over two separate projects. This is up from September’s total by 7,333 words. July remains my most prolific month by a little over 700 words.

I wrote 517 words on a project that has been in my brain for many years, a comic or graphic novel, tentatively titled Cursed. In Cursed, a princess turns into a metaphor for Depression. I wrote 517 words on this project in two days. I have no idea if I will pick it up again in 2020.

The overwhelming majority of my October words came from Something Undone, formerly “Untitled Nursing Home Project”, . Something Undone is my first finished feature length script, coming in at 94 pages or 17,088 words. According to the standard of screen writing, each page should be around a minute on film, giving me an hour and a half run time.

I haven’t been this excited about a project in a few years. Something Undone really picked up steam in October. I wrote over 500 words for multiple days, ending my streak with 2134 words in one day. I experience this a lot when I finish a first draft. Once I write the emotional climax of a story, the rest falls into place with relative ease. This, coupled with a contest deadline, pushed me to finish the project on October 25th, 2020.

I am tentatively proud of Something Undone. The story itself is good. Any missteps can be corrected in the editing and revising. I have no idea what will become of the script if anything. That’s for the future. Right now, I’m just proud of the finishing, more than the story itself. I started planning the script at the end of June and finished in the last days of October, roughly four months from concept to physical script, easily the fastest turn around I’ve managed in my career. I don’t expect to repeat it any time soon.

What happens after a project is finished? In the early days of November, I’ve gone through Something Undone and fixed the most glaring practical errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation and continuity. I’m sure I missed plenty of problems. My system is to figuratively but the script in the drawer and come at it with fresh eyes in about a month. With luck, and help from my screenwriter friends, I can polish the story and create a product to shop around at festivals and contests. But that is a task for December Kate.

November is National Novel Writing Month. I will not be participating this year. I am still very much in the world of Something Undone and have no desire to court burn out by starting a large project so quickly after finishing my first feature. I’m still writing (literally, right now) but I’ll be writing with frivolity, leaping on to whatever strikes my fancy in the moment. I plan to return to Something Undone in December, and hopefully emerge with a polished feature in January or February of 2021.

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